Martyna Krege
Tina is such an angel. Seriously! She is a healer. She fills you with knowledge and has the most gentle and spiritual approach to her practice. She uses Dermaware and this line has totally transformed my oily/acne skin. You won’t be disappointed!!
Renee Cerchio Belasco
Going to Nirvana Day Spa is an amazing experience! Tina is awesome w/her facials/scalp massages. I feel so relaxed and tranquil here. If you need your hair done Melissa is amazing as well! Both ladies are experienced and knowledgeable you will enjoy coming here!

Dora Wisniewski

Nirvana Day spa is one of the best spas in town! The service is amazing…I recommend it to anyone who is looking for quality! This was one of the best experiences I’ve ever have had at a spa. Tina was amazing and very nurturing. The ambience of the spa is calmed and soothing. As a regular customer I have done several treatments, and each one has been phenomenal. The waxing and massages are also excellent. The prices are very reasonable for the quality of their services. I have recommended it to friends and co-workers as well. Everyone who works at Nirvana Day Spa is pleasant, polite, personable, and definitely dedicated to adjust themselves to their customer needs. I will continue to frequent this spa as a long as I live in this area. Go and check it out!! Highly recommended!

Kati Lee

I have been going to Estheticians and Dermatologists for years due to having Rosacea, Eczema, and Psoriasis on my face and body. The Estheticians either used steam on my face which is a no-no or made my face breakout days after me seeing them. The Dermatologist would always give me expensive steroids which made the capillaries (red veins) on my face come to the surface more. I was going every season when my face would always get worse with the weather changing.

All of this stopped when I went in to see Tina when she was over at Essentials in Countryside. Until then I had never gone to the same Esthetician or Doctor twice. I felt like I knew why they called Doctor’s offices a ” Practice.” I felt like they were all just practicing on my face; trying whatever they could to cover the redness, irritation, dryness, and scaliness temporarily.

After my first visit with Tina I realized I had never experienced the level of real regard for my skin. She actually truly cared about my skin and wanted it to really look it’s best. She educated me on what to use and what not to use. She taught me home facial remedies that can be used from items in the cupboard. When she works on my face you can tell by her touch that she truly loves what she does. I no longer have to go to the Dermatologist to be prescribed expensive medicines because Tina knows my face and has it under control for the 1st time in 35 years. She is AMAZING. Go once and you will Thank me.

When Tina opened up her own Spa in Belleair I didn’t flinch knowing I would be driving from.

Tarpon Springs to see her. SHE is sooo worth it. BEST IN TOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheyenne Marie

This place is the absolute bomb! Best place to get your eyebrows done! Plus all your facial needs!

Ashley Mickel

Tina is the absolute best! She is meticulous and takes her time. Melissa is also amazing if you need anything done with your hair. I highly recommend this place!