Since the days of Cleopatra, different kinds of pure essential oils have been used to detoxify, rejuvenate and beautify the skin. These oils can be used as an added treatment with your massage and/or facial. You can discuss which oils are best suited for your specific requirements with your therapist.

close up Beautician waxing female legs in spa center


Waxing is a hair removal service that can be performed on most parts of the body. We use high quality soft and hard waxes which cater to sensitive skin as well.



Threading is an ancient eastern way of removing unwanted hair. It is extremely good for very sensitive skin, which can peel easily with the use of waxes .A fine thread is used for shaping of the eyebrows. The lip, chin and in fact the entire face can be threaded for removal of unwanted hair. This procedure involves more precision and the results last longer.

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