Body Treatments


These body wraps are extremely beneficial to detoxify and lose a few inches all over your body. This process works best when done in a series. It is great for special events as a onetime treatment as well. A blend of powerful herbal detoxifying oils is rubbed over the entire body before the wrap to extract the harmful toxins out. Once the body starts to detoxify, it becomes easier to get rid of extra pounds.


You are treated to body sugar scrubs with oils that help to remove dry and dead cells from the body and moisturize your body all over. It gives your body a velvety smooth feeling, which is nothing short of just pure heaven!! Simple Sugars are used for the treatment.


After exfoliating the body, it is massaged with aromatic oils. The outer layers of dead cells are removed, thus preparing the skin to better receive hydration from the oils. This is extremely effective in smoothing out the appurtenance of cellulite and to detoxify the backed up lymph.


This treatment is phenomenal in getting rid of toxins from different organs of the body. The feet are dipped in ionic water and the color of the water keeps changing. Different colors manifest the toxins coming out of different organs. A color chart is provided to the client .for more information. WARNING: You may feel a little nauseous or tired for sometime after this treatment .For better and long lasting results, a series of six is recommended.


The feet are scrubbed thoroughly with yummy sugar and salt scrubs mixed with essential oils. After wiping with steamy towels, the feet are massaged for deeper relaxation and then wrapped in deep cleansing and detoxifying mask. While the feet enjoy the wonderful relaxing mask, the client is treated to a scalp and hand massage. This is sure to extract all the fatigue right out of your body and leave you with soft and silky happy feet. You are bound to feel rejuvenated all over.